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December 03, 2007


I was touched by your blog and now I'm tagged.
I'll try not to disappoint you.

Excellent Anne. My hubby who is very much southern and redneck didn't like having a dog in the house. Now he rather loves Cricket J. Crackhead like she's one of the kids.

A pelican tried to eat me once.

Well, okay, it bit my sleeve. But I didn't see it coming.

It's 3:46 AM...couldn't get back to sleep so I'm going to work on my "7 things" now :-)

I was half way through my 7 list and thought I'd come here and steel some ideas from you Anne. But how could I possibly do that with your happy, trusting and remarkably wrinkle free face looking right at me? So I thought I'd comment on your list instead.

#1. I've been known to agree to something without having listened to what was being asked. How else would a sane man end up with 7 children.
#2. I'm glad to hear that when you married, he was totally unrelated.
#3. Coincidentally those are the same three basic things we taught our kids, after that they were entirely on their own.
#4. That's why I have a permanent frown, people can't see my smile wrinkles.
#5. I surfed as a teenager and can't stand the beach now.
#6. Ah the smell of Eucalyptus, how it takes me back to my childhood here in Aus. You know even today it still makes me remember the smell of a freshly cleaned bathroom.
#7. One of my kids was chased by a pelican at our local zoo. I think he also thought of God at the time, although I suspect it was more a plea for deliverance from this crazy bird that stood taller than him.

There we go. And reading over this I have just realised that I have used up at least 3 facts that I could have used in my meme.

I'm so glad you left a comment at my blog. I would have never known I was tagged by Sassy...I'm a tad clueless from time to time on these things! Too much to do too little time...

Nice blog!

Okay Anne, I have finally posted my facts...

I hope this little insight will encourage you to be a regular at my blog, even if it is out of pitty for me.

I'll be posting mine tonight on Kazoofus!

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