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January 14, 2008


You shouldn't be knocking those knickerbockers Anne... well not at $700 each you shouldn't.

Hey! Such a deal! They're half price. Surely once summer is over in Australia you'll need a pair for winter. Now would be a great time to stock up. And they'd be a great conversation starter with your clients. Possibly a conversation ender, too.

*Mental note, Angry:- Don't ask Anne for wardrobe advise*

Oh and by the way... 90% of our Primary and Secondary schools (Elementary, Junior and Senior High) require all students to wear the school uniform. That is to say it's mandatory.
I hasten to point out that it's only the expensive private schools that have uniforms resembling those at Classic Values, the rest of the school's mostly have sensible uniforms.

I like seein' the menses legses underneath a fine Scot's kilt! and the way those pleats swing in the back - my my!

His manly calves are encased in KNEE SOCKS!


Oh mercy. I need something to settle my stomach!

We watched Frosty the Snowman - the OLD one. Not that new-fangled version. My daughter wants to know why the boys are wearing shorts in the winter. I told her they were knickers - old fashioned pants for young boys. She says "who wants to see nasty men legs anyway. They are hairy!" (I guess my aversion to men-feet is catching).

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