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October 16, 2007




That was great craic, as they say! Can't wait to read everyone else's!

Craic [pronounced crack] = fun


I'm getting a list of these taggs to do, so it might take a bit to get this one up.

Hey! I think effective is good! Sounds like you've been committed to jumping! Commitment is a good thing.


I love the eight things idea.

I'm never on time either, maybe some day, but for now I've come to terms with it =)


This is a cool idea, i need time to think this over. Will post a reply asap. Wayne

Rebecca Laffar-Smith

Great eight Anne. :-) The horse riding and show jumping sound like a lot of fun. I'm not even elegant sitting on a horse. lol They're too big. But they're beautiful animals!

Thanks for taking part in the meme.


Great eight things, I don't even know what tagging is, but sounds kind of fun!


I still haven't gotten to this tag yet, but I will eventually! I enjoyed reading yours.


Got it posted finally! Thanks for the meme invite, it made me reflect which is always good.

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